Harlow's 2nd Birthday Photos

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the adorable Harlow, a vibrant 2-year-old visiting Orlando from out of state. It was an absolute delight to capture her playful spirit amidst the breathtaking beauty of Kraft Azalea in Winter Park.

Harlow's mother reached out to me for a session, after finding me on social media. It was an honor to know that my photography had inspired her to choose me to capture these precious moments during their visit to Orlando.

Nestled in Winter Park, Kraft Azalea proved to be an idyllic location for our session. The park's stunning landscape, adorned with magnificent trees and vibrant flora, provided a captivating backdrop.For this special session, Harlow wore a stunning emerald dress, symbolizing her birthstone as a child born in May.

Harlow's outdoor photo session at Kraft Azalea was an enchanting experience, bringing together the serenity of nature and the boundless energy of a playful child. From her vibrant dress to the authentic moments captured, every element contributed to creating a collection of timeless images that will be treasured by Harlow and her mother for years to come. It was a privilege to witness and document the joy and wonder of this magical encounter, reaffirming my passion for capturing the beauty of childhood.